2-Day Conference-June 2018

Hey Everyone!  Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been listening to my SB-Audience2subscribers and clients who’ve been asking for more time and information. Therefore, I’ll be giving a 2-day conference (info below) on SAT-SUN JUNE 16-17th at Aquarius Books & Gifts in Grants Pass, OR.  Click here to visit my website Event Page where you can find details.  Or, you can download the PDF file with all the information.

It’s going to be exciting! Not only have I invited subscribers and clients, I’ve also allocated time for spirits who may visit as well. Often, people share their stories of how they found their way to my workshops and conferences. It becomes obvious, spirits of the deceased find the strangest ways to get their loved ones to a Medium in order to deliver a message. If you find yourself compelled to attend, you may not want to dismiss the notion. Maybe, you’ll be sharing your story.

We’ll be discussing the Sacred Love Connections between you and those in the AfterLife along with techniques for how you can connect and communicate on your own. I will introduce experiments and exercises that prove the continuation of life after death – even with our pets!  It’s going to be fun!

Also, there will be two drawings for a free reading – one each day.  Two lucky people will find the right number in their gift bag. No. I’m not revealing what’s in the bag each participant receives. You’ll have to attend to see for yourself.

My book, Life Eternal – Love Immortal will be on sale at the bookstore. I will be happy to sign them for you. Otherwise, if you’d like bookcover-sharonto purchase a book in advance of the Conference, you can do so by going directly to the homepage on my website (to use PayPal) or buy from Amazon directly, or buy from Aquarius Books at the Conference, or you can email me (sharonbauer427@gmail.com) or call me at (541-830-0459).

Another thought – gift certificates.  Many people have purchased my book, written a sentiment in it, and then inserted a gift certificate for a reading when a friend or loved one suffered a loss.  Sometimes, you just don’t know what to say when your heart hurts for others during their grief. A nice way to show someone you care is to offer them the gift of comfort and understanding that they can take advantage of at their own time and pace.

If you have questions about the conference, please feel free to contact me. I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Always Love, Sharon





Childlike Wonderment


Most of us have observed children talking to their ‘imaginary friends’ during play time. Sometimes kids describe these ‘friends’ in great detail to their parents, even mentioning them by name. Most parents laugh it off, thinking it refreshing and sweet that children have such vivid imaginations. From a chapter in my book ‘Life Eternal Love Immortal-A medium Touched by Love’, I talk about a mother who came to me to discuss her child’s imaginary friend and wanted my opinion. She was curious about her 2 ½ year old daughter’s comment. This mother started the conversation by asking if I believe in ghosts. I replied “Well, that depends on what you mean by ghosts.

This little girl told her mom that her grandpa sings to her. The mother revealed that her father, the little girl’s grandpa, died before her daughter was born. He was an Opera Singer and would frequently sing around the house. “Sharon, what do you think about this?” she asked.

I told this curious mother that I think her father is indeed singing to her daughter, the grandchild that he had never met. As a psychic medium, I believe in the Afterlife. Family members who have passed can continue to communicate with us, even to our children. I also believe that although the grandfather and granddaughter had not met in the physical world, they very well could have been acquainted in the ethereal.

Children don’t know how to limit themselves yet, the way that we, as adults, have learned to do through conditioning. That is why some children can access other dimensions more readily and frequently. Watching children play with the freedom to imagine is a wonderment. What if we could, as adults, open and expand our own imagining to have richer and greater experiences?

Beliefs form in early stages of life. Most of us do not question these beliefs that came from early conditioning through parental and religious influences, as well as our own personal and unique experiences. When we start to question these old beliefs, we can begin to allow an opening for new perceptions. And, then a powerful paradigm shift into new ways of thinking and believing can occur. Like children, we can begin to have limitless imaginations that open up new vistas in our field of knowledge and wisdom.

When we question our hard held beliefs, and open up to possibilities, we can start to expand our awareness, and begin to experience the wonder of communicating with our loved ones who have passed. We start to see coincidences, miracles and synchronicities in our daily lives. This shift can lead to a deeper appreciation for life, for large and small miracles, and a powerful new way to live. If we are open to becoming more mindful and aware, I believe that everyone can experience these dimensions.

My hope as a psychic medium is to help you learn how to connect with your loved ones in the afterlife so that you will know that Life truly is Eternal and Love is Immortal. What a gift we would be giving our children, if instead of doubting our kids imaginations, we could support and reinforce their expanded knowing and seeing. We might even be able to re-learn how to be childlike in our own wonderment of the world, both physical and ethereal.

If you would like a reading, I am only a phone call away.

A Message in the Mirror


When a loved one dies, the heartbreak of the loss seems unbearable at times and can take its toll on each member of the family, especially on the spouse. Often times the loved one left behind will want to share an experience they had with their deceased loved one, just to see if it was true. The message was uncommon, but so fitting for the person that passed. As they begin to share their story, I could feel their excitement and a feeling of relief that I would be interested and could confirm their experience was real.

Several weeks ago I was visiting with a lady that lost her husband about 18 months ago and she swears she still feels him around.  In fact she said, last week she was taking a hot shower and after getting out of the shower glanced at the mirror to see “I [heart] you” and knew instantly that her husband had written that note for her on the mirror.

In my book ‘Life Eternal, Love Immortal’, I give examples of people who experience the amazing messages that come through to their loved ones who have passed on. While I am usually reporting what I see and hear to those, it is always comforting to me, and extra special to them, to realize that their loved ones are present, and care enough to offer affirmations of love and connectedness, directly, through an intimate message.

Many of us have experiences that we think are strange, or mere synchronicities, because they cannot be explained by logic.  As a spiritual psychic medium, I can confidently tell you that these experiences are as real as everything else we experience that we know to be true. To acknowledge and appreciate these messages from our beloved family members and close friends who have passed, gives us the knowing, and confidence that even though life is fleeting, it is eternal.  To know that spiritual phenomena exists reinforces the belief that there is a higher source of love, that we are all connected and interconnected, and that everything we do matters. When we love, we touch another’s soul that never dies. Our love lives on forever and touches people in ways we don’t always see at the time.

From what I have seen and experienced, I would say that every loving gesture, every hand extended, every smile and affirmative nod sends ripples through the universe that lives on and touches people in ways that you cannot imagine. Love large, love frequently, even love those deemed unlovable, and your life will be richer than you could ever imagine.

Always Love, Sharon

Looking After Hearts….


While giving readings is my sacred gift that I give to others by passing along intimate and personal messages from loved ones who have passed, I get a thrill every time one of my clients reports their personal experience with the afterlife. Sometimes messages that come directly to my clients can be abrupt and even shocking. A client reported to me that after her brother in law died from lung cancer, her husband could not be consoled. He was mourning the loss of his beloved brother one day when he reached for a cigarette. Suddenly he was ‘hit in the back’ by an invisible force. And, it soon dawned on him that his brother was giving a clear and stern message to quit smoking! Talk about tough love!

Another time a friend of mine, after losing her beloved Grandmother to heart disease, went to a baby shower for her niece, who was pregnant with her first child. This would have been the Grandmother’s first great grandchild. As my friend was standing in the kitchen talking with her cousins and Aunt, she felt a warm hand on her back. Turning to see who had walked up behind her, she was startled to find that no one was there. She suddenly had a warm rush and a deep knowing that her Grandmother was acknowledging her communing with their family. It was her Grandmother’s hand, a gentle embrace, of that she had no doubt. This Grandmother loved to cook, loved being in the kitchen, loved family, and loved this grandchild who was carrying a baby. To know that she was there brought tears to my friend’s eyes.

While these experiences can cause some heartbreak, and a resurgence of grief from the loss of a loved one, there is also a comfort to realizing that loved ones who have passed are always with you to offer comfort, protection, and even to give you messages.

In my book ‘Life Eternal Love Immortal’ I write about a woman who was coming to see me, hoping to connect with her Grandmother. She felt compelled, before leaving the house, to put on and wear her Grandmother’s wedding ring, which had been stored in a jewelry box.

As we talked, I said “I see a ring”. The woman sheepishly reported that she had felt an urge to wear the ring, hoping that it would help me tune into her Grandmother. After the reading and many more revelations and personal messages revealed, I thanked her Grandmother for initiating the loving energetic push that prompted my client to take action—that inspired her to put on the ring. This is another example of a clear affirmation that love endures in both simple and profound ways. The love that is eternally expressed offers all of us to know confidently that we are loved beyond that which we can see and feel with our senses. The personal connections we make are forever.

Along with the comfort I offer in readings, I teach that all love is eternally remembered. It is important to know that our loved ones who have passed want to reach out to express their love, make restitution, ask for forgiveness, not to be forgotten, and that family ties are binding. To know this is also to become motivated to give more loving care to all those hearts we care about, as the ties are forever.

If your heart or someone you love is hurting, a reading might help. I’m only a phone call away.

Always Love, Sharon

If You Can’t See It, Is It Real?

Sharon-DogWe take things we cannot see for granted every day. For example, the air we breathe is invisible, yet we do not doubt its existence. And yet, there are many concepts that people don’t believe until they can be ‘proved’. This comes up often in my readings as a Psychic Medium. A new client will come for a reading, and promptly tell me at the beginning that they don’t believe in the afterlife. It doesn’t take long, however, when one of their loved ones who have passed comes forward with loving messages, for the client to profoundly and deeply change his or her mind.

In my book ‘Life Eternal Love Immortal’ I wrote about a woman who announced that she was agnostic and an atheist—until her mother showed up and talked about ‘the skirt’. This was a sacred skirt that the mother wore and danced in annually at a traditional Native ceremony with her husband. After her mother died the daughter kept up the dance ritual until the skirt was worn. At the end of the reading she said with tears: “I believe you. Never in my life would I have thought that I would actually buy into what a medium does, but the skirt was the solid proof I guess I’ve been waiting for.” At the end of our time together she held me tight, giving me one of the biggest hugs I’ve ever had.

Loved ones who have passed don’t just ‘show up’ in my readings. They come laden with loving and supportive messages that comfort and console their beloved. Watching a skeptic soften and become a believer in the afterlife is affirming and satisfying as a psychic, but also as an individual who knows there is more beyond what I can see on this physical plane. While people grieve losing a loved one, there is solace in knowing that although they are no longer in human form, they remain close in spirit, always.

Tapping into someone’s relationship with a departed soul, whether it was a mother, father, sister or friend, is sacred work. I hold the space as a sacred conduit between the living and those who have died. I bring them together, sometimes for the first time since crossing over. It is often the case when I re-introduce a loved ones who has passed, that a client will begin to dream about him or her, and actually feel their presence, as if they are in the same room. So, in a way, I am reintroducing them to the loved ones they lost.

Becoming a psychic medium is not something one goes to school for, or declares they want to become when they grow up. Seeing people who have passed is a sacred gift that I have been given, and I am forever grateful that I am able to reconnect loved ones again. In a reading deep feelings of love, and unfinished business like forgiveness and understanding will surface. Often tears are shed. And at the end of a reading I feel both a connection with the living and the departed. To have confirmation that love is everlasting and that when a loved one dies they are not ‘gone’ brings additional elements into the readings: Faith and Trust. Just because we cannot see something, does not mean it is not real. Your loved ones are always dedicated to loving and protecting you. Reach out to your dearly beloved departed, and if you need help, I am a phone call away.

Always Love, Sharon

Open a Sacred Gift


The extraordinary gift of being able to communicate with those who have passed is truly sacred work. Not only do I comfort those who have lost loved ones who don’t understand that communication from beyond the grave is possible, I deliver messages that allow those grieving to know that there is an afterlife, that life is eternal, and that love never dies.

Sometimes the miracles that ensue from a reading are truly priceless. A few months ago I ‘saw’ a man by the side of a woman I was talking with. I could sense that he passed from HIV, and that he was very dedicated to her. I reported this to her, and she burst into tears, telling me that he was a sweet young man who died too young, and that they had developed a very special bond in the clinic where she worked as a nurse. A few days later she shared with me that she had been keeping a secret. She knew she was a Medical Intuitive and had been helping her family, but had not told anyone else about this gift. I told her that this man, Steve, was by her side and would help her so that she could bring her gift to the world.

As a messenger, I also feel like a midwife, bringing hope, faith, and hidden gifts into the lives of those who come to me. I might be the first one to help someone believe in a higher power, and demonstrate that God works through us in mysterious and even miraculous ways. To know these things is to have a deeper reverence for ourselves and for all humanity. My ability to see beyond the grave open us up to want to do things differently. As Oprah says, “When you know better, you do better”. It is my hope for all mankind that we tap into our soul connection to all that is, and therefore create and live lives with more meaning and spiritual depth.

Our connections with everyone we meet and know always has a higher purpose, and when we tap into that knowing, our gifts will grow and provide sacred value to others. The nurse’s life looks different now. She is helping others heal with her gifts, is writing a book, and holds healing workshops. I believe my introduction from beyond the grave was a blessing and an eternal Soul purpose for both of them.

Many of my readings create an opening for people to want to learn how to become more intuitive, understand more about the afterlife, and in return help others learn what they now know. Through mediumship workshops I am building a community of people connecting to their soul path.

For more information about my readings, book ‘Life Eternal Love Immortal-A Medium Touched by Love’, and workshops, visit http://www.SharonBauerMedium.com.

Always Love, Sharon