Childlike Wonderment


Most of us have observed children talking to their ‘imaginary friends’ during play time. Sometimes kids describe these ‘friends’ in great detail to their parents, even mentioning them by name. Most parents laugh it off, thinking it refreshing and sweet that children have such vivid imaginations. From a chapter in my book ‘Life Eternal Love Immortal-A medium Touched by Love’, I talk about a mother who came to me to discuss her child’s imaginary friend and wanted my opinion. She was curious about her 2 ½ year old daughter’s comment. This mother started the conversation by asking if I believe in ghosts. I replied “Well, that depends on what you mean by ghosts.

This little girl told her mom that her grandpa sings to her. The mother revealed that her father, the little girl’s grandpa, died before her daughter was born. He was an Opera Singer and would frequently sing around the house. “Sharon, what do you think about this?” she asked.

I told this curious mother that I think her father is indeed singing to her daughter, the grandchild that he had never met. As a psychic medium, I believe in the Afterlife. Family members who have passed can continue to communicate with us, even to our children. I also believe that although the grandfather and granddaughter had not met in the physical world, they very well could have been acquainted in the ethereal.

Children don’t know how to limit themselves yet, the way that we, as adults, have learned to do through conditioning. That is why some children can access other dimensions more readily and frequently. Watching children play with the freedom to imagine is a wonderment. What if we could, as adults, open and expand our own imagining to have richer and greater experiences?

Beliefs form in early stages of life. Most of us do not question these beliefs that came from early conditioning through parental and religious influences, as well as our own personal and unique experiences. When we start to question these old beliefs, we can begin to allow an opening for new perceptions. And, then a powerful paradigm shift into new ways of thinking and believing can occur. Like children, we can begin to have limitless imaginations that open up new vistas in our field of knowledge and wisdom.

When we question our hard held beliefs, and open up to possibilities, we can start to expand our awareness, and begin to experience the wonder of communicating with our loved ones who have passed. We start to see coincidences, miracles and synchronicities in our daily lives. This shift can lead to a deeper appreciation for life, for large and small miracles, and a powerful new way to live. If we are open to becoming more mindful and aware, I believe that everyone can experience these dimensions.

My hope as a psychic medium is to help you learn how to connect with your loved ones in the afterlife so that you will know that Life truly is Eternal and Love is Immortal. What a gift we would be giving our children, if instead of doubting our kids imaginations, we could support and reinforce their expanded knowing and seeing. We might even be able to re-learn how to be childlike in our own wonderment of the world, both physical and ethereal.

If you would like a reading, I am only a phone call away.

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