2-Day Conference-June 2018

Hey Everyone!  Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been listening to my SB-Audience2subscribers and clients who’ve been asking for more time and information. Therefore, I’ll be giving a 2-day conference (info below) on SAT-SUN JUNE 16-17th at Aquarius Books & Gifts in Grants Pass, OR.  Click here to visit my website Event Page where you can find details.  Or, you can download the PDF file with all the information.

It’s going to be exciting! Not only have I invited subscribers and clients, I’ve also allocated time for spirits who may visit as well. Often, people share their stories of how they found their way to my workshops and conferences. It becomes obvious, spirits of the deceased find the strangest ways to get their loved ones to a Medium in order to deliver a message. If you find yourself compelled to attend, you may not want to dismiss the notion. Maybe, you’ll be sharing your story.

We’ll be discussing the Sacred Love Connections between you and those in the AfterLife along with techniques for how you can connect and communicate on your own. I will introduce experiments and exercises that prove the continuation of life after death – even with our pets!  It’s going to be fun!

Also, there will be two drawings for a free reading – one each day.  Two lucky people will find the right number in their gift bag. No. I’m not revealing what’s in the bag each participant receives. You’ll have to attend to see for yourself.

My book, Life Eternal – Love Immortal will be on sale at the bookstore. I will be happy to sign them for you. Otherwise, if you’d like bookcover-sharonto purchase a book in advance of the Conference, you can do so by going directly to the homepage on my website (to use PayPal) or buy from Amazon directly, or buy from Aquarius Books at the Conference, or you can email me (sharonbauer427@gmail.com) or call me at (541-830-0459).

Another thought – gift certificates.  Many people have purchased my book, written a sentiment in it, and then inserted a gift certificate for a reading when a friend or loved one suffered a loss.  Sometimes, you just don’t know what to say when your heart hurts for others during their grief. A nice way to show someone you care is to offer them the gift of comfort and understanding that they can take advantage of at their own time and pace.

If you have questions about the conference, please feel free to contact me. I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Always Love, Sharon





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