Looking After Hearts….


While giving readings is my sacred gift that I give to others by passing along intimate and personal messages from loved ones who have passed, I get a thrill every time one of my clients reports their personal experience with the afterlife. Sometimes messages that come directly to my clients can be abrupt and even shocking. A client reported to me that after her brother in law died from lung cancer, her husband could not be consoled. He was mourning the loss of his beloved brother one day when he reached for a cigarette. Suddenly he was ‘hit in the back’ by an invisible force. And, it soon dawned on him that his brother was giving a clear and stern message to quit smoking! Talk about tough love!

Another time a friend of mine, after losing her beloved Grandmother to heart disease, went to a baby shower for her niece, who was pregnant with her first child. This would have been the Grandmother’s first great grandchild. As my friend was standing in the kitchen talking with her cousins and Aunt, she felt a warm hand on her back. Turning to see who had walked up behind her, she was startled to find that no one was there. She suddenly had a warm rush and a deep knowing that her Grandmother was acknowledging her communing with their family. It was her Grandmother’s hand, a gentle embrace, of that she had no doubt. This Grandmother loved to cook, loved being in the kitchen, loved family, and loved this grandchild who was carrying a baby. To know that she was there brought tears to my friend’s eyes.

While these experiences can cause some heartbreak, and a resurgence of grief from the loss of a loved one, there is also a comfort to realizing that loved ones who have passed are always with you to offer comfort, protection, and even to give you messages.

In my book ‘Life Eternal Love Immortal’ I write about a woman who was coming to see me, hoping to connect with her Grandmother. She felt compelled, before leaving the house, to put on and wear her Grandmother’s wedding ring, which had been stored in a jewelry box.

As we talked, I said “I see a ring”. The woman sheepishly reported that she had felt an urge to wear the ring, hoping that it would help me tune into her Grandmother. After the reading and many more revelations and personal messages revealed, I thanked her Grandmother for initiating the loving energetic push that prompted my client to take action—that inspired her to put on the ring. This is another example of a clear affirmation that love endures in both simple and profound ways. The love that is eternally expressed offers all of us to know confidently that we are loved beyond that which we can see and feel with our senses. The personal connections we make are forever.

Along with the comfort I offer in readings, I teach that all love is eternally remembered. It is important to know that our loved ones who have passed want to reach out to express their love, make restitution, ask for forgiveness, not to be forgotten, and that family ties are binding. To know this is also to become motivated to give more loving care to all those hearts we care about, as the ties are forever.

If your heart or someone you love is hurting, a reading might help. I’m only a phone call away.

Always Love, Sharon

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