Open a Sacred Gift


The extraordinary gift of being able to communicate with those who have passed is truly sacred work. Not only do I comfort those who have lost loved ones who don’t understand that communication from beyond the grave is possible, I deliver messages that allow those grieving to know that there is an afterlife, that life is eternal, and that love never dies.

Sometimes the miracles that ensue from a reading are truly priceless. A few months ago I ‘saw’ a man by the side of a woman I was talking with. I could sense that he passed from HIV, and that he was very dedicated to her. I reported this to her, and she burst into tears, telling me that he was a sweet young man who died too young, and that they had developed a very special bond in the clinic where she worked as a nurse. A few days later she shared with me that she had been keeping a secret. She knew she was a Medical Intuitive and had been helping her family, but had not told anyone else about this gift. I told her that this man, Steve, was by her side and would help her so that she could bring her gift to the world.

As a messenger, I also feel like a midwife, bringing hope, faith, and hidden gifts into the lives of those who come to me. I might be the first one to help someone believe in a higher power, and demonstrate that God works through us in mysterious and even miraculous ways. To know these things is to have a deeper reverence for ourselves and for all humanity. My ability to see beyond the grave open us up to want to do things differently. As Oprah says, “When you know better, you do better”. It is my hope for all mankind that we tap into our soul connection to all that is, and therefore create and live lives with more meaning and spiritual depth.

Our connections with everyone we meet and know always has a higher purpose, and when we tap into that knowing, our gifts will grow and provide sacred value to others. The nurse’s life looks different now. She is helping others heal with her gifts, is writing a book, and holds healing workshops. I believe my introduction from beyond the grave was a blessing and an eternal Soul purpose for both of them.

Many of my readings create an opening for people to want to learn how to become more intuitive, understand more about the afterlife, and in return help others learn what they now know. Through mediumship workshops I am building a community of people connecting to their soul path.

For more information about my readings, book ‘Life Eternal Love Immortal-A Medium Touched by Love’, and workshops, visit

Always Love, Sharon




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